Grab Networks features accelerated H.264 transcoding with Anystream Agility 2G

Following the European debut of Anystream Agility 2G at IBC2009, Grab Networks, a provider of automated video capture, indexing and multiplatform video content syndication, confirmed that Anystream Agility 2G processing now offers grid encoding of H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10 content across multiple computers and multiple cores.

This new capability dramatically reduces the time required to convert HDTV content into Flash for the Web. Particularly useful when starting with HD source material, grid encoding of H.264 is ideal for breaking news and sports or for providing more time for creative editing of long-form content while requiring less for transcoding.

Anystream Agility 2G grid encoding divides source material into small elements and processes them in parallel, providing a linearly scalable performance improvement. With HD source material typically requiring the processing of more than 62 million pixels per second, H.264-style encoding is particularly processor intensive, but is handled with ease via the Anystream Agility 2G system.