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Golf Channel installs SSL console, router for improved productivity

Golf Channel recently added a 32-fader Solid State Logic C100 HD-S broadcast console to its Control Room 2, where it is being used in tandem with an existing C100 HD in Control Room 1.

The new console enables session engineers to link the two consoles and have full control over both rooms from a single control surface. To facilitate this, an SSL MORSE router was installed to interconnect both control rooms, delivering embedding and de-embedding options to both consoles.

Golf Channel produces a variety of golf-related shows that include coverage of the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour events. With audio feeds coming in from around the world in different formats and the production of pre/post-event and regular programming, the C100 HD-S gives Golf Channel audio engineers the ability to handle both analog and digital audio from multiple sources, process embedded audio and share resources with Control Room 1.

“Having the C100 HD-S really enhances our production capability,” says Jason Miller, maintenance engineer for Golf Channel. “We are always dealing with back-to-back production schedules and once the C100 HD-S is programmed for the different shows, our engineers can easily go between rooms. Also, we have reserved eight channels of the MORSE router for microphones or other source material that can be accessed by either control room. This gives us enhanced production options through better use of available resources.”

The SSL MORSE router system expands the C100 HD-S’s compatibility with this studio design and works closely with the existing MORSE stagebox, which is equipped with 14 HD-SDI input-output cards that can be configured for use as embedders, de-embedders or various combinations of embedding and de-embedding. Audio is carried by MADI to the router.