Gepco offers double-shielded, single-pair analog audio cables

Gepco has introduced its new double-shielded (foil and braid) version of the company’s original XB401 single-pair audio cable. Featuring a low-capacitance and low-noise design, it’s designed for permanent installation in critical audio environments.

The XB401FB X-band analog cable uses conductors made from finely stranded 24AWG oxygen-free copper to allow for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. Helping to redcue RF/EMI noise, the XB401FB features two shields — a 95 percent TC braid and a 100 percent foil shield — as well as precision, high-twist conductor pairing. Each conductor is insulated with a data-grade foam dielectric for low capacitance and easy termination. The outer jacket is constructed from Gepco’s G-Flex compound, which is extra-flexible and easy to strip.

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