Genesis Networks Teams with EVS for OB Production

Genesis Networks, a provider of satellite and fiber transmission services for broadcast, cable and production companies, is partnering with EVS to provide IP-based clip and video asset browsing for mobile production services.

EVS XT[2] The "XT[2]web solution" is available with EVS' XT[2] server, a production platform widely used by remote production services. Genesis provides the fiber-based transport mechanism by which broadcasters and media providers can browse clips and access video assets originating from the XT[2] from a live OB production environment. Clips on an OB's XT[2]s are instantly transferred and transcoded as low-resolution copies over the Internet to the broadcasting center. A new EVS Web browser interface allows users to access clips from any local station connected to the Web, and operators can search for clips based on metadata such as date, timecode or keyword.

"With this new solution, we're able to offer our customers greater ability to access and use live video assets originating from OB units," said Luc Doneux, EVS' general manager for the Asia-Pacific regions and Major Events. "By providing a bulletproof, high-performance fiber link, Genesis Networks is the perfect solution for the transmission component of XT[2]web."

The XT[2]web solution targets sport broadcasters, sport federations and other EVS customers who want to maximize their EVS installations by adding Web access via the Genesis Networks infrastructure. The hardware and software are available from EVS and the transmission link is sold separately by Genesis Networks.