Gekko Technology to unveil karesslite 6012 FX

At IBC2011, Gekko Technology will launch the karesslite 6012 FX, a switchable LED blue/green softlight designed for special effects and chromakey use on location or in a studio.

Switchable between blue (440 nanometer) and green (525 nanometer) outputs, the karesslite 6012 FX incorporates a 6 x 12 emitter format in a 23.6in x 11.8in panel with a front-to-back depth of 6.5in and a weight of 15.4lbs including diffuser. It produces a high-quality source light with consistent color throughout the dimming range. One of the advantages of using LEDs as a source for effects work is their narrow band spectral emission, enabling a better key.

Being LED-based, the karesslite 6012 FX is considerably more efficient than traditional film or video production lights and emits very little heat.

See Gekko at IBC2011 Stand 11.D40.