Gefen offers Wireless USB Extender

Gefen announced its Wireless USB Extender, which allows the connection of cameras, audio devices, printers, keyboards and other common USB 2.0 peripherals to a computer at distances up to 100ft, at AES 2007. The system uses traditional sender and receiver methodology, but employs 802.11g technology to ensure reliable, cable-free operation. The system is designed to be compatible with most cross-platform operating systems including Mac OSX, Windows XP and Vista, and Linux.

The Wireless USB Extender provides a four-port hub on its receiver unit capable of providing reliable computer access for up to four unique USB peripherals. According to Gefen, practical transmission speeds of 37Mb/s or higher are consistently achieved, making the Wireless USB Extender a reliable method of extending printers, audio devices and other typical peripherals away from the noisy computer, which creates a new option for eliminating extraneous noise from the editing suites and work areas.

Installation requires a connection of the sender to the computer and up to four USB peripherals to the remote receiver. For connection distances of more than 100ft, Gefen supplies alternate USB extension systems, such as its USB-400 FO that extends multiple USB peripherals hundreds of feet using fiber-optic cables.

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