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GDS to develop retail displays for iBlink

Global Display Solutions (GDS) has signed an exclusive agreement with digital marketing and brand experience agency iBlink to develop a new portfolio of displays relevant to the retail industry. Under the terms of this new agreement, GDS is developing a digital media portfolio specifically for iBlink, to cater to the needs of retailers. This strategic partnership enables iBlink to provide retailers with the latest display technology to use as part of their digital marketing projects.

GDS has used its expertise within the retail and display sector to develop a number of displays specifically for its new agreement with iBlink. All of the GDS displays supplied to iBlink will be optimized specifically for use in the retail environment. The displays will include in-window projection displays, 17in-32in poster displays, 24in gondola end displays, 17in blip aisle displays, in-floor displays, 37in brand displays, 15in free standing touch-screen units and a 45in outdoor poster display.

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