GC Pro announces new Ocean Way Impact studio monitors

GC Pro, the outside sales division of Guitar Center, introduced the new Ocean Way Impact Monitor System at the recent AES Show in New York. The system is designed as an HD reference point to sonically judge intricate musical balances for final mixes without the loud, harsh characteristics and lack of depth of field found in many professional monitors.

Designed by Allen Sides, the Grammy Award-winning engineer, producer and mixer who founded Ocean Way Recording, the Impact system is the culmination of almost 40 years of his experience designing speaker systems for his many studios. Sides has also created systems for such high-profile installations as George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch scoring stage; Trevor Horn’s Sarm Studios in London; Walt Disney’s Hollywood Records; and musical artists like Gwen Stefani, David Grohl and Beck.

Impact’s 120-degree dispersion, coupled with identical flare rates on both HF and LF horns, allows for a very wide listening window, eliminating the narrow “sweet spot” effect. The Impact also produces an extended and detailed low end to 36Hz. A pair of Impact speakers delivers 1kHz to 18kHz frequency response with accuracy within 2dB. The system encompasses low distortion drivers and biamplified, equalized electronics that allow absolute symmetry in stereo imaging.

The Ocean Way Impact Monitor System features symmetry between channels at +/-0.5dB across its full bandwidth. The system delivers more than 110dB at 6ft. Components include an HF driver with an 18,000 Gauss magnetic structure featuring a titanium diaphragm and aluminum voice coil with 1in throat combined with an 11,000 Gauss 15in bass woofer with aluminum voice coil. Each speaker is 36in x 44in x 27in and weighs 250lbs.