GameTV Taps SDS for New Sales System

Insight Sports, a Toronto-based sports media and entertainment company has launched a new sales system for its specialty TV network GameTV. The system, called SDS Sales, was developed and installed by Specialty Data Systems of Toronto.

Insight Sports—which owns, aggregates and distributes sports and entertainment content across multiple platforms, including broadcast, events, online, mobile and VOD—is using SDS Sales to unify sales, traffic, programming, finance and operations. The system enables a two-way, real-time flow of data to be shared across departments, eliminating the need to re-key information or use paper.

“We chose SDS Sales because it’s a very powerful, efficient sales tool that integrates seamlessly into our system with no down-time,” said Bryan Press, vice president, sales and business development of Insight Sports. “The system helps increase the efficiency and maximize the resources of our sales team, which is critical in today’s competitive market. It also enables us to reduce redundancies and costs and have better clarity and management of our sales process.”