Game Creek selects Genelec monitors for new Legends mobile unit

Game Creek Video, one of the world’s major providers of remote production vehicles for sports production, has introduced one of its newest trucks, Legends. The HD truck is a 53ft expando unit that includes two sets of Genelec Active Monitors.

Five Genelec 8030A Bi-Amplified Monitoring Systems constitute the truck’s surround audio array, while two Genelec 8050A Bi-Amplified Monitoring Systems are used as a separate stereo pair. In a broadcast sports industry that has been rapidly moving into the HD realm, these Genelec monitors assure that Legends’ main client, MSG (formerly the Madison Square Garden Network), will be able to offer high-quality multichannel and stereo audio for its sports telecasts.

Legends’ equipment roster includes Sony HAD-1500R HD cameras, a Grass Valley Kalypso HD, a PESA Cheetah 3Gb/s-capable router, a Calrec Alpha audio console with Bluefin and Chyron HyperX HD graphics systems. Legends is also the first production truck Game Creek has built that fully implements the use of LCD monitors.

Genelec said the integrated tuning and equalization of its speakers make them an ideal solution for the geometries inherent in mobile broadcast production units. Each monitor can be optimized for the space that it’s used in.

The compact 8030A is a powerful biamplified, nearfield monitor system ideal for project and home studios, workstations, installations and surround-sound monitoring. The larger 8050A is a more powerful wideband, biamplified monitoring system, ideal for large recording studios, broadcast and surround installations, mastering suites and TV and post-production houses.