Fujitsu Launches AVC Encoder for Hi-Def SNG in the U.S.

Fujitsu Computer Products of America is targeting the future of high-definition news with the launch of the Fujitsu IP-9500 MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder.

The encoder allows broadcasters to transmit HD content through existing satellite configurations while minimizing costs by using a single satellite channel. Fujitsu, which showcased the IP-9500 at HD World this week, said the encoder offers broadcast quality video transmission at low bitrates and low latency, enabling HD news content to be transmitted in the same satellite bandwidth as SD, at a fraction of the cost of competing products.

Already in use in Japan, the IP-9500 supports both 1080i and 720p formats in data rates of 4–20 Mbps in both standard and low latency. At 4 Mbps, this allows HD content to be transmitted in a single DVB-S/S2 channel. While the IP-9500’s encoding and decoding capabilities allows it to be used in both transmit and receive sites, it also supports existing third-party HD decoders with industry-standard DVB protocols and ASI interfaces such as the Sencore MRD 3187.

“When coupling the Sencore MRD decoders with the Fujitsu IP-9500 encoder, we're able to offer the broadcast industry a new best-of-breed application,” said Chuck Robertson, general manager, Sencore “The IP-9500 encoder provides broadcast quality video content to be transmitted in a single satellite channel, opposed to current solutions that require twice the bit-rate to obtain equivalent picture quality. Together we combine complimentary skills and technology that enable broadcast stations to deliver to a quickly evolving market for HD satellite news gathering.”

The encoder is priced at $49,950 (MSRP).