Fuel VFX deploys Aspera for global media file transfer

Aspera has announced that Fuel VFX has selected and deployed Aspera to manage and transfer its digital assets. A visual effects studio founded in 2000 and based in Sydney, Australia, Fuel VFX has been charged with producing visual effects for blockbuster films such as "Prometheus," "The Avengers," "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "Thor."

As the media and entertainment industry continues the transition from tape to digital assets, Fuel VFX needed a fast, robust and secure delivery system to transfer work in progress and finished assets around the world with their clients. FTP was no longer a reliable or feasible transfer methodology, so a directed professional transfer system was sought to help with management of transfers, speed to the end point and simplicity for internal staff. The Aspera faspex person-to-person file distribution and exchange platform was evaluated and quickly chosen having met the security, speed and ease-of-use requirements put forth by Fuel VFX.

"Aspera was able to quickly integrate in to our existing Linux infrastructure to give us the required high-speed transfers to our partners around the world," said Dylan Penhale CTO at Fuel VFX. "The faspex Web-based interface is very easy for our employees to use, and includes all they key features we need such as automatic client installation, e-mail notifications for delivery and download, and dropboxes with custom metadata for ad-hoc third-party submissions."