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Front Porch Digital upgrades DIVAdirector

Front Porch Digital has released an upgraded version of its DIVAdirector Web-based interface. New features in version 4 facilitate the users' ability to define, locate, collaborate, retrieve and repurpose file-based assets through the Web interface.

Important new DIVAdirector features include key frame and thumbnail support, enabling the addition of visual markers in query results and to better identify segments in shot lists; collaborative shot list support, enabling many users to share viewing and editing of shot lists; and virtual asset support, enabling an asset and its metadata to be added to the system in anticipation of the clip's later arrival in the archive — a valuable tool to assist in the migration off video tape. More new features include Apple Final Cut Pro shot list support, full-text metadata search, a redesigned database that supports additional metadata types and unlimited field definitions and jog/shuttle wheel support for editing speed and ease of use.

Available as an option to Front Porch Digital's flagship DIVArchive CSM system, DIVAdirector is a fully Web-based and distributed system that allows users to securely search, browse and retrieve stored video content according to the asset metadata and to manipulate and repurpose this valuable content easily.

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