Front Porch Digital to spotlight new video publishing platform

Front Porch Digital will introduce enhanced broadcast workflow features and functionality for its DIVApublish video publication platform at the NAB Show in April.

The company has developed a new utility, DIVAframe, to incorporate the metadata creation tools that were formerly a part of DIVApublish. To reflect the cloud-based publishing platform’s new capabilities, Front Porch Digital has added to the DIVApublish product name the suffix “mpx.” The integration of DIVAframe with DIVApublish mpx enables management of content distribution to key platforms and the automated creation of searchable frame-level metadata for video content.

DIVApublish mpx enables users to extend their existing digital file-based workflow from DIVArchive through to publication of content to online communities and VOD systems. With DIVAframe, users can scrutinize their content down to the frame level, and then annotate it automatically and precisely using tools such as facial recognition, scene detection, speech recognition, natural language processing, ad-break detection and closed-captioning time alignment.