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Front Porch Digital launches scalable nearline storage

At IBC2007, Front Porch Digital launched DIVAgrid, a scalable intelligent nearline storage system.

The company said that proliferation of IT-centric, disk-based storage technologies has driven storage costs lower while improving storage densities. In media-centric operations, however, many of these technologies come with disadvantages as well. The need for fast, reliable and predictable access to content encoded in different formats and bit rates, all shared to facilitate a collaborative workflow, can create critical bandwidth and capacity bottlenecks at the subsystem level. Front Porch Digital claims DIVAgrid addresses these key issues.

Instead of relying on a single shared nearline storage array, a network of interconnected and distributed DIVAgrid Actors can incrementally scale to deliver increased bandwidth, content protection and near infinite capacities at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, the company said.

Each DIVAgrid Actor is built on a DIVArchive high-bandwidth content movement engine platform and contains up to 7TB of RAID5 protected storage per node. Each DIVAgrid Actor also can be optionally paired with Front Porch Digital’s in-path content transcoding solution or the company’s newly announced DIVAnalyse engine, an automated content quality assurance product.

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