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Fraunhofer software corrects for geometric distortions on projection systems

At IBC2007, Fraunhofer research scientists are presenting a software system that automatically calibrates projectors so they can project images onto curved surfaces with pixel-precise accuracy.

Planetariums and domed movie theaters create very special film experiences in which the audience is virtually immersed in the activity, but it takes a great deal of effort and expense to project films or shows onto curved surfaces.

Data about the geometry of the screen in use as well as the number, position and approximate alignment of the projectors in use are entered into the software. Digital cameras record the position of the images projected onto the screen. With the aid of image recognition algorithms, the individual images are then fully automatically distorted and adapted to the projection surface so that the many partial images produce a high-resolution, seamless total picture. The automatic calibration software works quickly and flexibly.

See Fraunhofer at IBC2007 Stand 8.381, or visit