France Télévisions selects ToolsOnAir Broadcast Suite

France Télévisions, the official public national broadcast network of France, has selected ToolsOnAir's Broadcast Suite of workflow applications for its France 3's 24 regional outlets.

AV2P, a distributor of ToolsOnAir products in France, was chosen for the project of modernizing the broadcaster's ingest and production workflows. AV2P will work with France 3 to upgrade the network's systems to run the Apple OS X-based systems.

According to France Télévisions' lead project manager, Jean-Christophe Auclerc, the broadcaster needed a solution that would provide user autonomy and still allow for deep integration with its existing networking and production infrastructure.

ToolsOnAir's just:in and just:live will enable France Télévisions to use a single machine for ingest and native MXF playback. The combination offers a complete set of standard codecs as well as an adaptation of the MXF XDCAM codec, which is needed for the broadcaster’s workflow.