Fox adds Video Clarity RTM, RTM Manager to monitor prime-time feeds

FOX Broadcasting Company has chosen Video Clarity’s RTM (Real Time Monitoring) and RTM Manager to ensure high-quality, consistent delivery to affiliates and home viewers.

The FOX Broadcasting Company is using the RTM system at its Los Angeles origination center to monitor the daily prime-time network feed to affiliates.

Signal errors affecting quality could be introduced anywhere in the broadcast chain and become difficult to isolate without a means of reference. The RTM products permit user-selectable acceptance levels, real-time monitoring and recording of error events.

This error recording can then be viewed whenever a recipient of the signal has a question or concern about any aspect of the feed, including audio, video and ancillary data.

In the case of the FOX Broadcasting Company, the originating control room and the downlink side of the prime-time feed is monitored by the RTM.