Four-channel video card from Deltacast doubles server capacity

Deltacast has announced that its Delta-hd-e 40, a new four-channel card, can literally double the capacity of PC servers. It’s an addition to the Delta-hd range of video cards for OEM applications.

The new card doubles the per-slot capability of PCI Express cards to ingest SD or HD-SDI channels to a PC server, allowing developers to design higher-performing and more economical solutions for a variety of professional video applications.

The Delta-hd-e 40 is designed to take advantage of the increased CPU power of high-specification servers, and it is supplied in a package with the VideoMasterHD OEM software SDK and with integration support.

The card offers audio and time code de-embedding, ANC and VBI extraction, uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit/12-bit digital video capture/playback, and system development tools for Microsoft Windows and Linux environments. It allows OEMs to build new high-end applications with multiple inputs per PCI Express slot, or cost-effective applications using only one card to provide all the required channels in a single slot.

The Delta-hd-e 40 requires a PC or server with at least one free four-lane PCI Express slot and a high-performance CPU capable of handling four HD-SDI streams.