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Forbidden Technologies upgrades FORscene cloud video platform

Forbidden Technologies has added new features and capabilities that strengthen the utility of cloud video platform FORscene in any news, sports or traditional broadcast post-production environments. 

FORscene now has two additional timeline video tracks with support for animated alpha channels. The additional tracks can be used for nondestructive edits, as overlays for cutaway material, to create picture-in-picture effects or for logo placement. 

This FORscene upgrade also enables voice-over recording directly into the FORscene timeline, a convenient feature that allows users to add a track and record voice-overs while video is rolling. Intended for remote news producers, this feature could also be used by remote producer-editors laying down a scratch voice-over while cutting sequences.

Another new feature is FORscene's Server Lite software, which allows news producers to upload files to FORscene accounts from remote locations. This software, running on a standard Windows laptop, makes FORscene more accessible for use on smaller productions that do not require full server hardware installations.