Focus Enhancement announces solid-state DTE recorder

The FS-H200 portable direct-to-edit recorder features removable solid-state media allowing for easy swapping of standard CompactFlash cards

Focus Enhancements has added the FS-H200 portable CompactFlash (CF) direct-to-edit (DTE) recorder to its FS acquisition product family.

The FS-H200 portable DTE recorder features removable solid-state media that allows for the easy swapping of standard CF cards. Once recorded, user-supplied CF cards can be mounted to both Windows and Mac systems either via USB 2.0 from the FS-H200 or via standard memory card readers for DTE workflow with NLE systems.

The FS-H200 is designed for use in extreme conditions, including high temperatures (up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit), high altitudes and extreme shock environments.