Fluotec Releases New LED Fresnel Fixtures

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS—Mexican-based lighting manufacturer Fluotec has unveiled two new LED Fresnel fixtures for TV/filmmaking applications, the AuraLux Plus and VegaLux Plus.

The AuraLux Plus is a 5.5-inch LED Fresnel that uses 146W. It features a manual zoom—12-47degrees—and has Halodim technology to provide stable output across the complete intensity range with a Color Rendering Index of 90+. The fixture weighs 11.3 pounds and comes with an eight-way barn door, c-clamp, filter holder and power cord.

VegaLux Plus

The VegaLux Plus is a 7-inch Fresnel with a motorized zoom lens—13-47 degrees—that can be set remotely using DMX control. The light uses 185W and has DMX or local dimming control of the output. The Halodim firmware allows for smooth dimming with no color shifts. The unit’s Nebula diffusion chamber offers pure white output at CRI of 90+. The fixture weighs 14 pounds and features the same kit as the AuraLux Plus. Both fixtures are available in daylight and tungsten-balance color temperature versions.

Jerry Colmenero is in charge of the U.S. division of Fluotec and can be reached at 361-288-1775.