Florical’s AirBoss Now Controls Chyron Server

Chyron has just announced added functionality for its XClyps video clip server. The company says it has partnered with Florical Systems to provide control of the server by Florical’s AirBoss automation package. The partnering eliminates manual control of the XClyps, letting AirBoss automatically schedule XClyps functions, such as graphics insertion.

“This additional interface is yet another example of the value these partnerships collectively bring to the nation’s broadcasters,” said Kevin Prince, Chyron’s chief operating officer. “Florical Systems is an innovator in broadcast automation systems, as we are in the provision of on-air graphics systems.”

With the AirBoss driving XClyps operations, stations can realize a significantly streamlined workflow. The interfacing of the two technologies also means that users can now have an exact record of clip insertion time and duration, as AirBoss automatically generates this data when controlling the XClyps.