Finnish Broadcasting selects audio monitors from Wohler for Vancouver Winter Games

The broadcaster has deployed seven audio monitors to enable simultaneous real-time monitoring of 16 audio channels of 3G HD-SDI feeds.
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Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) has deployed seven Wohler Technologies AMP2-16-3G audio monitors to enable simultaneous, real-time monitoring of 16 audio channels of 3Gb/s HD-SDI feeds during the Vancouver Winter Games.

Installed along with systems in YLE’s Studio 25 and HD-1 OB van, these units not only support versatile monitoring of signals from an EVS farm, but also enable insertion of the intercom signal into headsets along with the HD-SDI input for added monitoring convenience.

Wohler’s AMP2-16-3G monitor allows continuous, simultaneous, real-time level-metering for 16 channels of audio, metadata display and loudness metering.

Options include 3G, HD/SD-SDI, AES, analog cards and systemwide Dolby D, E and DD+ upgrades. The intuitive interface, complete with an integrated help system, allows users to manage presets, channel clusters, mixing and routing.