Facilis Updates Storage System, FastTracker

(Image credit: Facilis)

HUDSON, Mass.—Facilis is rolling out a couple of new updates to its Facilis Shared Storage System and FastTracker Media Asset Management software, as well as new Object Cloud remote workflows.

The Facilis Shared Storage System is now on version 8.0, which includes software-defined Bandwidth Priority to deliver full throughput to all workstations; SSD and HDD Tiering; and Multidesk Parity RAID6 disk-failure protection for up to four drive failures per drive group.

Version 3.5 of the FastTracker, meanwhile, now features file movement profiles, duplicate file reporting and a secure directory browse interface. The software can flush and pre-fetch files and folders from cloud and LTO locations through the Object Cloud feature while reporting the status of archived media. With proxy encoding of indexed assets to an Object Cloud location, FastTracker can deliver compressed versions of facility media to editors in the field.

According to Shane Rodbourn, Facilis’ chief operating officer, these advancements were designed to provide “overall resiliency, flexibility and bandwidth management capabilities.”

The new updates are available immediately and are free for eligible Facilis customers with a current software support contract.

For more information, visit www.facilis.com.