Eyeheight Unveils Two AudioLoudnessSuite Products

AudioLoudMeter and CorrectLoudWidget being offered on six month free trial
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LONDON—The first two modules that will make up the AudioLoudnessSuite of products from Eyeheight have been announced, the AudioLoudMeter and CorrectLoudWidget. Both modules will be available on a six-month free-trial license.

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The AudioLoudMeter is an audio loudness metering plug-in that can evaluate mono, stereo and 5.1 surround. It features three bargraphs for momentary, short term and integrated loudness display; five bargraphs showing individual loudness contributions, L, R, C, Ls and Rs; five true peak bargraphs using 8x oversampled audio; an audio loudness distribution histogram with Loudness Range measurement; and time-scalable loudness history graph for ATSC A/85 and EBU 1770 modes of operation. It is compatible with Adobe Premier Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Avid Media Composer.

Designed as a loudness analysis and correction plugin, the CorrectLoudWidget can change target and true peak values. It can work with either Europe’s EBU target (-23.0 LKFS) and true peak level (-1.0 dBU) or the U.S.’ ATSC A/85 target (-24.0 LKFS) and true peak level (-2.0 dBU).

Eyeheight will offer the two modules through its website, www.eyeheight.com.