Eyeheight unveils AV-2M 2x1 emergency switcher

Eyeheight has introduced the AV-2M, an SD-HD SDI emergency switcher that will perform clean switchover to a secondary source if the primary channel falls below user-adjustable parameters.

Designed for applications such as broadcast playout, the AV-2M provides continuous automatic monitoring for SDI carrier loss, video frozen/black, video format errors, audio loss, audio silence and audio format errors.

Any combination of these conditions can be preset to operate a synchronous switch locked to the reference input. A one-video line window ensures a clean transition to the secondary source. Each sensed condition has a user-adjustable duration.

Audio silence, for example, can be set to 10 seconds before the switch operates; SDI carrier loss might typically be user-adjusted to one second. Recommended default settings are also provided. The unit has two IEEE-488 GPI inputs for switch override and an IEEE-488 GPO output indicating the alarm state.