Eyeheight adds new broadcast up/downconverter

The new UD-2 up/downconverter is the latest addition to the Eyeheight range of modular broadcast equipment. It features three-field temporal processing and 3:2-pulldown frame-rate conversion. Like all Eyeheight multidefinition products, the UD-2 is fully compatible with all 18 video standards currently in use around the world; including 525/625 SD as well as 720p, 1080p and 1080i HD.

The UD-2 incorporates HD/SD input auto-sensing and is fully transparent to embedded audio. User-adjustable delay compensation is provided on all 16 audio channels to offset the video processing time. Advanced video noise reduction features allow overall noise and artifacts associated with DCT compression to be minimized. Additional features include adjustable sharpness and texture enhancement. User-upgradeable software and firmware ensure that the UD-2 can be kept fully up to date with new features and emerging signal standards.

Up to six UD-2 up/downconverter modules can be accommodated in a 1RU Eyeheight FB-9E Ethernet-interfaced chassis with the options of local control from an FP-9 front-mounting panel and PS-9E auxiliary power supply. Alternatively, three UD-2 cards can be paired in 1RU with AR-2MD multidefinition aspect ratio conversion modules.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.