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Extron ships modular power enclosure for fiber-optic, twisted-pair extenders

Extron Electronics has made available its PowerCage 1600, a rack-mountable, 16-slot enclosure that supports a wide range of Extron fiber-optic and twisted-pair A/V transmitter and receiver boards. Providing an efficient way to power and mount multiple transmitters and receivers, the PowerCage 1600 simplifies integration for large, rack-mounted systems. The PowerCage 1600 also features an optional redundant, hot-swappable power supply plus active power and thermal management to optimize reliability in mission-critical environments where continuous, 24/7 operation is essential.

Exceptional thermal management provides channeled airflow to each board for optimal cooling and superior reliability. Air flows from the side of the unit to each board slot eliminates the need for an air gap above or below the enclosure, preserving valuable rack space. The boards are designed to channel the air out of the rear of the chassis for optimal cooling in each slot. Additionally, each PowerCage board can power down internal components when there is no active signal present, providing intelligent power management for increased system efficiency.

Available boards for the PowerCage 1600 include 16 fiber-optic and four twisted-pair extenders to support a broad range of video resolutions and formats. The fiber-optic and twisted-pair boards operate independently and may be mixed and matched within the enclosure, making the PowerCage 1600 an ideal solution for larger systems that need to support remote sources and destinations. The ability to accommodate multiple transmitters and receivers in a single enclosure streamlines system design and installation. The PowerCage 1600 eliminates the need for managing individual power supplies and minimizes required rack space when factoring in additional rack units necessary for heat dissipation and cooling. The modular design also offers a degree of future-proofing, whereby unpopulated slots are available to support system growth without additional rack space, system downtime or equipment relocation.