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Extron premieres high-performance 320 x 320 fiber-optic matrix switcher

Extron Electronics has introduced the FOX 4G Matrix 320x. This high-performance, modular, fiber-optic matrix switcher provides complete, end-to-end digital A/V signal transmission and routing over fiber-optic cable in very large environments such as university and corporate campuses. It is expandable from 16 x 16 up to 320 x 320 and supports digital switching at rates up to 4.25Gb/s.

With hot-swappable I/O boards, real-time system monitoring and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, the FOX 4G Matrix 320x delivers highly reliable, enterprisewide switching of fiber-optic A/V and control signals for large scale, mission-critical environments.

The FOX 4G Matrix 320x is compatible with FOX Series fiber-optic digital transmitters and receivers, switchers, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers. It accepts and routes SD video, high-resolution computer video, DVI and multirate SDI. The modular board design features 20 board slots that can accept FOX 4G Matrix I/O boards in multimode and single-mode versions. The FOX 4G Matrix 320x can be configured with all or some of the board slots occupied. The I/O boards are hot-swappable and may be added at any time in the field for easy, quick upgradeability or expansion.

A host of familiar, integrator-friendly matrix switcher features are available, including I/O grouping, rooming and memory presets. For optimum performance and reliability, a real-time monitoring system continuously provides self-diagnostics of the I/O boards, fiber links, power supplies, internal fans and general functions of the switcher. The FOX 4G Matrix 320x can be remotely configured and operated through the RS-232 serial control port, IP Link Ethernet control and the optional MKP 3000 X-Y remote-control panel.