EVS Debuts LSM-VIA IP-Based Replay Platform

(Image credit: EVS)

LIEGE, Belgium—EVS is rolling out its new LSM-VIA IP-based replay and highlights system, which is based on the company’s LSM live slow motion control panel.

LSM-VIA works with the XT-VIA server and relies on EVS’ VIA microservices ecosystem to easily interact with all VIA-based products. It also has native IP connectivity and software-defined technology to make it adaptable for future live production demands.

EVS decoupled the operation of the LSM-VIA from the server managing multiple channels so that flexible deployment models can be supported, including remote and multisite simultaneous production.

The platform also offers a familiar layout, an integrated touchscreen and programmable buttons, shortcuts and tactile control to provide quick access to more functionalities, per EVS.

“When combined with other elements of the VIA platform, LSM-VIA supports new workflows to automate some of the cumbersome tasks operations have traditionally had to deal with, instead letting them focus on creativity,” said Laurent Petit, senior vice president of Products & Solutions. “If offers experienced LSM operators a consistent experience so that they can be productive from day one, while providing new generations of operators with disruptive modes for producing new formats of creative replays.”

For more information, visit www.evs.com (opens in new tab).