EVS announces stadium, arena wins

EVS Broadcast Equipment has announced 11 new professional collegiate stadiums and arenas in the United States and Canada that have equipped their control rooms with its servers and systems in the first half of this year.
They include:

  • The University of Virginia — 4-channel SD XT[2]
  • Oklahoma State University — 4-channel SD LSM XT[2] and 4-channel SD Replay-Only XT[2]
  • Arizona Cardinals — 4-channel SD LSM XT[2]
  • Tennessee Titans — 4-channel SD LSM XT[2]
  • Carolina Panthers — 4-channel SD XT[2]
  • Texas A & M — 6-channel SD LSM XT[2]
  • Calgary Flames — 4-channel SD LSM XT
  • Ball State University — 6-channel SD LSM XT[2]
  • Boston Bruins — 6-channel HD LSM XT[2] + XFile[2]
  • Stanford University — 6-channel SD LSM XT[2]
  • Cleveland Cavaliers — 4-channel SD Replay-Only XT[2]

For more information, visit: www.evs.tv.