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Evertz to Showcase Encoding, Loudness Solutions at IBC

At IBC2008, Evertz will demonstrate a range of signal processing systems covering everything from encoding, to transport.

The 9780ENC-H264HD is a professional-grade H.264 encoder that offers high-end HD encoding of one HD SDI input or optionally SD encoding of up to 4 SD SDI inputs. The 1RU box has two slots that accept 7700-series cards to provide additional functionality.

Evertz decoders include the 3480DEC18-MP2SD-ASI Series high density MPEG-2 SD decoder and the 7780DEC-H264HD-2 dual H.264 HD decoder. The decoders target content transport over satellite, terrestrial or IP networks and encode and decode video and audio using a range of codecs, including JPEG2000, MPEG-2 and H.264. They feature 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 support, multiple SD channels and built-in input monitoring.

Evertz will also highlight its Intelligain loudness and dynamic range processing technology, which provides consistent audio loudness levels within a channel and/or program; automatic detection and level adjustment for loud commercials; gain control within a program interval to preserve audio dynamic range; artifact-free transitions between programs and commercials; and elimination of drastic volume changes during commercials and interstitials. The product line targets aggregator applications and multichannel play-out facilities such as DTH, cable, IPTV, etc.

The Intelligain product line includes:

  • 7746FSE-IG SD-SDI Frame Synchronizer with IntelliGain
  • 7746FSE-IG-HD HD/SD-SDI Frame Synchronizer with IntelliGain
  • 7746FS-EAES8-DD-AC3E-HD HD/SD-SDI 8 AES Frame Synchronizer with IntelliGain, Dolby Decoder and AC-3 Re-encoder
  • 7721AE8-AC3E-HD HD/SD-SDI 8 AES Audio Embedder and Dolby Digital (AC-3) Encoder with Upmixing
  • 7721AE8-DEE-HD HD/SD-SDI 8 AES Audio Embedder and Dolby-E Encoder with Upmixing
  • 7746FS-EAES8-HD HD/SD-SDI 8 AES Frame Synchronizer with Upmixing

This technology can be applied to a number of Evertz products, including frame synchronizers, protection switches, audio embedders and de-embedders.

Evertz will also display the CP-2200E, an advanced panel that allows users to create an interface to an entire system to allow real-time control over signals, displays and their router destinations. The CP-2200E features two high resolution color LCD displays alongside an array of function-assignable LCD buttons, all of which are fully programmable. The CP-2200E is the flagship panel of Evertz' advanced control system, allowing control of automated tielines and pathfinding, and advanced breakaway routing while still supporting basic routing concepts like levels and categories.

Evertz will be in Stand 8.B40.