Evertz to show combined multisignal processors, controllers, routers at InfoComm 2008

The company will showcase its cutting-edge EQX, Xenon and modular line of 3Gb/s capable routers, combined processor/controller and router product line (VIP-X) as well as its fiber distribution lineup.
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Evertz’s Pick Hit-winning router control panel, the CP-2200E.

Evertz will showcase its combined processor/controller and router product line (VIP-X) at InfoComm 2008, June 18-20. On display will be the EQX and Xenon range of audio/video routing and router-control system. Controlling not only the router’s cross points but also a series of modular gear parameters via SNMP will be the CP-2200E — an advanced panel that allows operators to create a simple interface for an entire system, so users have real-time control over signals, displays and router destinations.

The CP-2200E remote control panel features two high-resolution color LCD displays alongside an array of function-assignable and dynamic LCD buttons, all of which are fully programmable. The two LCD displays intelligently interact with the panel's buttons and rotary controls, updating automatically as different operation facilities are selected. The CP-2200E also enables users to have real-time control over an MVP or VIP system.

Evertz’s InfoComm booth will also include the VIPX and EFX — a combined router and multisignal display solution for control rooms or high-end digital signage.

For more information, visit www.evertz.com.