Evertz HD2014 Is Game Creek Favorite

The Evertz HD 2014 installation in one of the Game Creek Video trucks.
Game Creek Video is a mobile television production company that specializes in remote sports and high-end events. With a fleet of 12 mobile units, 11 of which are equipped for HD, Game Creek has covered numerous sporting events across the United States including the World Series, Super Bowl and Daytona 500.

We provide mobile units for a wide range of applications, and therefore must maintain a fleet of trucks with cutting-edge technology. In the past 12 months, we have been aggressively developing new facilities and have put two new mobile production trucks, "Dynasty" and "Larkspur" on the road.


While building our new facilities, one of our main goals was to improve our signal processing and conversion infrastructure. Historically, our challenge has been in piecing together equipment from various vendors to deliver the required processing elements. Instead of using multiple vendors and equipment, we needed to find a product that would provide signal conversion from analog NTSC-to-HD format, cross-conversion from one HD format to another, and down-conversion from HD to SD SDI or analog formats. We were looking for a device that would effectively and efficiently provide up/down/cross conversion. In addition, we needed a device that was compact, allowing us to run multiple channels in a small space. We discovered Evertz' HD2014 all-in-one video converter and frame synchronizer and this has solved all of our problems.

Size and weight were other significant factors that effected our selection of the HD2014. The HD2014 enabled us to fit four channels into 1RU, while providing 3G, embedded audio and signal conversion. The HD2014 allowed us to integrate a fresh new design into our trucks, thereby simplifying our control model and replacing the multitude of products we were previously using in order to achieve what we are now doing with one HD2014. Rather than assign dedicated conversion to specific devices as we had done in the past, we purchased nearly a dozen HD2014's for each truck and made them available in a pool configuration via the video router, allowing access to any device that might need conversion.

Our new system design employs 10 HD2014 devices to execute up, down, and cross conversion on up to 40 channels. In addition, staying with Evertz in terms of control was extremely beneficial because it enabled us to manage our entire modular infrastructure via the Evertz VistaLINK SNMP monitoring and control software.

Our newest mobile units, "Dynasty" and "Larkspur," are equipped with 10 HD2014s in each truck, and we intend to use them in all our future projects. The HD2014 all-in-one converter has improved signal conversion in our facility today while simultaneously preparing us for the future of 3G and 3D processing.

Jason Taubman is vice president of design and new technology at Game Creek Video. He may be contacted at jtaubman@gamecreekvideo.com.

For additional information, contact Evertz at 877-995-3700 or visit www.evertz.com.