Euphonix showcases Artist Series control of Final Cut Pro

At IBC2008, Euphonix featured its Artist Series MC Control and MC Mix controlling Apple's Final Cut Pro via Euphonix' high-speed EuCon Ethernet-based control protocol.

The Artist Series controllers fit between a computer keyboard and screen and offer a host of features to speed up and enhance the video and audio edit processes.

The MC Control is a complete video and audio controller, featuring a jog/shuttle wheel to navigate through projects, four motorized faders and eight knobs for controlling audio levels and panning. MC Control also offers a set of soft keys for all top-level Final Cut Pro functions.

The MC Control also includes a soft key editor that enables users to create custom soft keys. With the high-speed EuCon control protocol, simultaneous control of multiple applications over Ethernet is possible. Dedicated buttons on the MC Control and MC Mix enable users to cycle through applications like Final Cut Pro.

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