Envivio ships new configuration of three-screen encoding solution

In December, Envivio began shipping a new mobile TV configuration of its hardware-based 4Caster C4 encoder that simultaneously delivers four channels of video to as many as 32 different mobile TV profiles and provides a solid compression platform for operators launching new services or upgrading early-generation services.

“With its high-performance hardware foundation and future-proof flexible software compression core, the 4Caster C4 enables mobile TV operators to meet today’s requirements and plan effectively for future needs,” said Envivio CEO and President Julien Signès.

The 4Caster C4 delivers video compression for all three screens of consumer video — TVs, PCs and mobile handsets — from a single platform. Designed to enable fixed-line and mobile network operators to deliver content simultaneously across the full range of consumer devices, the 4Caster C4 can encode multiple channels of content and simultaneously deliver them to multiple mobile TV profiles, multiple Internet TV profiles or SD and HD IPTV profiles.

The 4Caster C4 supports digital, analog and MPEG-2 transport stream over IP inputs as well as a range of video and audio encoding options. For mobile TV applications, 4Caster C4 can deliver 3GPP- and 3GPP2-compliant streams for playback on a wide variety of mobile devices.

The 4Caster C4 receives, decodes, re-encodes and transmits all programming using IP. All-digital content processing eliminates the need for intermediate analog or digital video interfaces between decoders and encoders, reducing both cost and system complexity.

Envivio's Convergence Series architecture, combined with the company's multiprofile encoding technology, lets operators simultaneously deliver video streams at multiple bit rates and resolutions from a single input — for multiple mobile devices as well as broadcast and Internet TV.

For operators faced with an exploding number of services and devices, Envivio's technology lets them unify services on a single platform while delivering streams optimized for specific services and devices.

For more information, visit www.envivio.com/products/cgs_4caster_c4.php.