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Envivio introduces iLiveTV with Apple’s blessing

Envivio has thrown its hat into the iPhone mobile TV ring with its new iLiveTV encoding and distribution platform for deploying live and on-demand mobile TV services for the iPhone. Built on Apple's new iPhone OS 3.0 mobile video format, iLiveTV includes the Envivio 4Caster C4 video encoding platform, content delivery server software, a Web-based iPhone navigation portal, and integration and support from Envivio's mobile TV deployment experts.

The iLiveTV platform supports multiple channels of live broadcast television over 3G and WiFi networks with home theater quality and premium features such as catch-up TV, VOD and a client channel guide. The platform dynamically adapts to available bandwidth, optimizing for full-screen video playback and increased battery life.

Optimized for the native iPhone 3.0 video player, iLive TV requires no client software on the handset. Its customizable Web interface offers the iPhone's familiar smooth channel zapping. ILiveTV also includes all of the necessary software components to deliver protected video from a standard Web server.