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Encoda Launches MART Business Reporting System

Encoda Systems recently released and upgraded two major products. The company launched Encoda MART, a data reporting and business analysis tool designed to help broadcast groups and networks manage information from individual stations and affiliates, and upgraded its Paradigm management information system to version 5.0.

MART takes data from stations' Encoda traffic systems and automatically merges business reports in near real-time through a database and reporting engine at the company's data center for use in reporting and analysis. Users are able to employ numerous analytical possibilities to identify revenue trends, receive more efficient analyses, review rate levels for improvement and create other reports.

Paradigm 5.0 is used for management applications in multichannel and station group environments. It has been expanded and extended to allow users to more easily perform tasks like programming and spot scheduling, inventory management and sales and financial reporting. The Windows system combines necessary business processes in one relational database, improving operation efficiency. New functions have been added to the system's modules, and new features including Work Orders, a browser-based tool that automates the routing of program preparation tasks, and frame-accurate timing in several formats, have been added.