Elgato Debuts Broadcast DTV Card for the Mac

U.K.-based Mac product developer Elgato is launching EyeTV 500, the first over-the-air HDTV card for Apple's Macintosh computers.

The EyeTV 500 allows users to watch, record, timeshift, edit and archive digital broadcast signals on the Mac and is based on Elgato's DVB-T-based EyeTV 400.

Mac system requirements include a minimum PowerPC G4 500Mhz or G5 processor and built-in FireWire support, Mac OX X 10.2.8 or higher and 256 MB of RAM and up to 8 GB or hard disk space per hour of recorded HDTV. A dual G5 system is required for HDTV playback at full frame rate. An Internet connection is required to use TitanTV, EyeTV's optional EPG. Antenna is not included.

EyeTV 500 is available for $349 at Elgato's online store, at the Apple Store and in select retail stores throughout the U.S.