Electrophysics Offers New Night Vision Attachments for Sony HD Cameras

Fairfield, N.J.-based Electrophysics has introduced new Night Vision modules that attach to three Sony HD cameras, the HVR-Z1, HVR-A1 and HDR-SR1, enabling them to deliver HD-quality images in low light.

The AstroScope 9350BRAC improves low light performance by 8 to 10 f-stops, permits the use of all standard optics, and a range of Gen III image intensifiers are available. Each configuration delivers HD performance with up to 1080i and megapixel still image resolution. At the heart of the new Night Vision modules is a central intensification unit that transforms dark, moonlight or starlit nights into bright, high-resolution scenes.

"The ability to record high-resolution night vision is invaluable," said Jay Jones, director of Night Vision Sales for Electrophysics. "With the new HD night vision solutions, we've extended the AstroScope's superior night vision capability to the HD market, and we have given users the ability to acquire low light imagery with breathtaking detail, in high definition."