Edgeware unveils Reflex 2x Web TV server

Edgeware has unveiled its new Reflex 2x, a server that reduces the cost of delivering Web TV and video services.

Based on Edgeware solid-state server technology, the new product reduces collocation, power and rack space costs for content delivery networks and service providers by as much as 90 percent.

The 1RU Reflex 2x delivers 32,000 concurrent video streams and stores up to 6TB of content. Use of flash, non-volatile memory instead of disk drives makes it nearly maintenance free and reduces power requirements to 85W power when fully configured. With Reflex 2x, a network of servers can be economically co-hosted close to consumers for caching delivery of premium content. When combined with the Origin centralized management and the Convoy intelligent asset propagation systems, Reflex 2x enables a totally deterministic, scalable video delivery service.

For more information, visit www.edgeware.tv.