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Echoworx offers secure Web-based portals

Content owners looking for secure ways to enable them to share confidential information with groups outside their organization are increasingly using the Web as a two-way communication platform. Echoworx, a provider of security software for digital communications, has announced a new way to allow customers and partners to do that and more, via a password-protected, Web-based environment. Called Encrypted Message eXchange (EMX)‚ the new software is easily branded with an organization's logo and is fully hosted. It also does not require any investment in hardware or software.

Once members are registered with EMX, they can send and receive encrypted messages and attachments, using their own mailbox within an EMX member community. The EMX environment ensures that confidential and sensitive information, such as intellectual property and legal contracts, can be read, exchanged and stored using a totally secure Web site.

EMX members can create one or more member communities for ongoing confidential communications or on a transaction-by-transaction basis. A group of media professionals working on a particular project can work as a virtual team and easily share information. Content owners could create an ongoing community to communicate securely with customers, suppliers or partners.

Messages shared on EMX are encrypted using the industry-standard public key infrastructure (PKI) and S/MIME for strong encryption and digital signature. Messages are signed and encrypted so that only the intended recipient inside the community is permitted to view and reply to messages.

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