Echolab Announces Enhancement for Overture Switcher

Echolab is debuting a new module designed to enhance the capabilities of the company’s Overture series of video production switchers.

The SuperBox gives switcher users the ability to put as many as windows on screen at once for simultaneous display of remotely-stationed reporters, program participants or graphics items. The module and firmware are designed to work with SD Overture switchers and are accessible via a switcher crosspoint button.

“SuperBox extends broadcasters’ ability to incorporate multiple video boxes into their productions, and it does so without compromising the switcher’s DVE capabilities,” said Nigel Spratling, president of Echolab. “This affordable and easy-to-use addition to our Overture production switchers integrates seamlessly into the SuperSource feature, giving users a valuable tool for delivering more sophisticated live broadcasts.”

With the new tool, operators can build up to four boxes and graphics with keys, and then assign the mask created to a crosspoint button. Each box can be moved and scaled within the mask.