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Earthworks introduces PM40T Touring PianoMic System

Earthworks has introduced the PM40T Touring PianoMic System. Based on the company’s PM40 Piano Microphone System, the new PM40T Touring PianoMic System delivers exceptional sonic performance while offering quick, simple and easy setup and features a telescoping support rod that fits into a compact, airline-friendly travel case.

With the new PM40T, musicians and audio engineers can achieve high-quality sound regardless of whether the piano lid is up or down. The heart of the system is a pair of random-incidence HD microphones. These omnidirectional mics feature a supersonic frequency response ranging from 4Hz to 40kHz, with high impulse response and extremely short diaphragm setting times, making them ideally suited to perform within the piano’s highly diffused sound field (multiple direct and reflected sound sources). These microphones also exhibit no proximity effect, regardless of their distance from the piano strings or soundboard. The result is a remarkably consistent piano sound across the entire range of the instrument.

With Earthworks’ new PM40T Touring PianoMic System, achieving the desired instrument level is never a problem. The microphones included in the system provide incredible gain before feedback because they are positioned very close to the sound source and are physically contained within the sound field of the piano.

The PM40T also is isolated from sound leakage from outside the piano, because the microphones are placed inside the piano shell just 3in-6in above the strings. This creates a high signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring excellent gain before feedback. The PM40T’s adjustable, telescoping tube is supported by the sides of the piano case, facilitating flexible placement of the microphones close to or away from the dampers, facing toward or away from the keyboard as desired.

The new Earthworks P40T Touring PianoMic System is shipping now and will be available the Earthworks Booth 6292 at the upcoming NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.