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Earl Miller Productions Mobilizes With Ikegami Cameras

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Earl Miller Productions has been providing mobile production, equipment rental, crewing, and post production services to broadcasters since 1975. The majority of our mobile production support centers around sports and entertainment broadcasts. Many of our clients have been with us for decades because we stay focused on what matters to them—providing the highest possible image quality for their events as cost-effectively as possible.

Cameraman from Earl Miller Productions covers a hockey game with the Ikegami HD K-77EC While we still have many projects that call for standard-definition coverage, our transition to HD is moving at top speed. When it came time to select HD cameras for our Number Two 40-foot mobile unit, we looked to Ikegami first, as we have been using that their products for almost 30 years. We also performed some fairly rigorous shootouts in our camera selection process, trying out the cameras in real-world sporting environments and cross-examining their performance and feature sets. We compared the Ikegami HDK-77EC HD native multiformat CMOS camera with models from all major manufacturers.


After evaluating image quality, feature sets and price, Ikegami stood out as the clear winner. The picture from the HDK-77EC was cleaner with less noise, due to the three 2/3-inch 2.5 megapixel CMOS image sensors that Ikegami uses. We're able to shoot in any format, including standard definition. The camera's flexibility for fast switching between fiber and triax is another key feature as well, as it allows us to be ready for both connectivity modes with a minimum investment of time or effort in adapting to a client's infrastructure.

Since we acquired the six HDK-77EC HDs, we also found out how much our operators love their 9-inch studio viewfinders. Size does matter, with these viewfinders giving operators a large beautiful image that really helps them achieve tight focus and maintain shot composition.

The other half of the equation for a mobile production company's cameras is their reliability, and Ikegami has continued to prove itself here too. We serve a national client base, so our equipment is bouncing up and down the highways, and working with different crews in searing heat and freezing cold. Our earlier Ikegamis worked well in every environment and these new cameras are no different. They've stood up extremely well to everything that's come their way.

Our previous experience with Ikegami taught us that the company provides excellent support whenever it's needed, and this practice still continues. They turn around our service needs extremely fast and they also maintain service for their products for a longer period of time than many other manufacturers. That's crucial when you're making a long-term investment in technology.

This leads to longevity. When everything in our signal path is at a consistently high level, that keeps confidence levels high—both ours and that of our clients. Our Ikegami cameras help us maintain the highest-possible quality. That way the viewer at home enjoys the best possible pictures and this makes our clients very happy.

Mike Miller is the vice president of Earl Miller Productions. He may be contacted at

For more information, contact Ikegami at 201-368-9171 or visit