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DVEO Introduces MPEG-2 HD Encoder

DVEO, a spinoff of Computer Modules Inc. (CMI), recently introduced the HD Maestro, a real-time, PC-based encoding workstation that processes HD into an MPEG-2 stream at 50 Mbps. HD Maestro runs on a Dell Power Edge 7150 server and uses LSI Logic's HDTVxpress compression technology to create MPEG-2 streams at 50 Mbps.

Also new from DVEO is MuxMaster, a PCI card that can multiplex up to four MPEG streams into a single "super" stream with a bitrate up to 100 Mbps. The company also announced the latest version of the DVB Master Quad/I, a low-cost PCI card with four input ports for ASI streams, which the card then feeds in compressed form onto a local server at an aggregate bitrate up to 400 Mbps.