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Dutch ENG rental company acquires Anton/Bauer batteries

United Broadcast Facilities, a full-service ENG rental and production facility in the Netherlands, has begun offering Anton/Bauer’s HyTRON 140 and Dionic 160 Logic Series batteries.

On a typical day, United Broadcast Facilities has about 45 ENG crews on the road, each using at least five batteries a day, said Kees Knepper, technical manager at United Broadcast Facilities.

The company has used Anton/Bauer batteries since 1988, but the purchase of the latest HyTRON 140 and Dionic 160 Logic Series batteries is one of the company’s most significant battery acquisitions to date.

The HyTRON 140 and Dionic 160, weighing about 5.5lbs and 3.3lbs, respectively, are part of a class of batteries designed to ease the additional weight of a battery on the camera operator. Each battery targets specific production needs, with the Dionic 160 offering military-grade technology and the HyTRON NiMH providing new cell technology. Both are designed to handle the power consumption demands of today’s HD equipment and on-camera lighting systems.