DSC Labs develops compact Hawk QCC for on-location camera matching

For professionals looking for a quick and precise camera-matching tool for on-location single- or multicamera shoots, DSC Labs has introduced the Hawk Quick Check Chart (QCC). Designed by senior video and broadcast engineer Gary Hawkins, the Hawk QCC provides a simple way to match cameras in the field or in a studio.

The Hawk QCC records critical information from an original scene setup using a primary chart, and then acts as its replacement by providing enough data for a quick camera evaluation and scene matching.

“It’s not always necessary to use a ChromaDuMonde for every scene change,” said David Corley, president of DSC Labs. “The Hawk QCC’s design and convenient size make on-location scene matching quick and easy.”

The Hawk QCC features include a compact size (11in by 9.5in); white patches for white balancing and knee setting; gamma at 18 percent gray‚ for accurate iris or lighting adjustment; black patches for scene black and flare checking; flesh tones‚ for checking consistency of flesh tones; and midgray strip top and bottom‚ to help monitor evenness of lighting.

The reverse side of the chart features a 5.5in by 3in neutral white panel for white balancing, a 5.5in by 3in warming panel, a frame-alignment chart that displays different framing options and a write-on area to record slate information.