DoPchoice Provides Light Directing Tools for Aputure LS600D

(Image credit: DoPchoice)

MUNICH—DoPchoice is now offering light directing tools for the Aputure LS600D LED fixture. Consumers can now add two new Snapbag softboxes that fit on the light’s mount and a Double Bracket that enables a pair of 600D fixtures to accommodate other Snapbags.

The Snapbag Medium SBRRM was designed to mount on The LS600D’s circular Bowens mount. The Snapbag has a rectangular design that pops up in a single piece and can attach directly to the Rabbit-Rounder mounting system. It also features DoPchoice’s pyramid baffle sewn into the center providing interior silver metallic sidewalls reflecting illumination outward. There is also a removable Magic Cloth diffusion panel for additional softening control, and 30-degree or 40-degree SnapGrids are available to mount the Snapbag front via hook and loop attachment.

For use with an octagonal softbox, DoPchoice has developed a Bowens mount version of its Octa 5, the SBRRO5, which can work with the LS600D. The SBRR05 has a 5-foot diameter and can be used open, exposing their silver lining, or with an included front diffusion panel. A 40-degree Snapgrid is available as an add on.

DoPchoice is also releasing its SRADA bracket that can mount a pair of either Aputure LS600Ds or 300D IIs. SRADA features a specially engineered plate for two Aputure lights to site parallel side-by-side with aligned front lenses. DoPchoice’s Rabbit-Ears mounting system is attached to the plate, which means the bracket can work with virtually all DoPchoice Snapbags that mount with Rabbit-Ears.

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